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How to be an Australian Tax resident for tax purposes when you are new to Australia.

Why is your status as an Australian tax Resident make the difference when you are lodging […]

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How to Avoid Overdue Tax Returns and Fines in 3 Easy Steps

Most taxpayers in Australia dread the day they need to lodge their personal tax returns, common […]

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3 Simple Ways To Boost Your Superannuation in 2019

Superannuation remains a very tax effective investment vehicle, with a maximum tax rate within the fund […]

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How to completely change your thoughts, 5 Myths about insurance.

As we move through life, find a partner, raise a family, and maybe start a business, […]

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How to Receive my Tax Refund Fast

How to receive my tax refund fast. Firstly we will send you a tax checklist please […]

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How to maximise tax deductions for investment properties.

People often tell us about the renovations that have been done to their investment property, after […]

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What you need to know about Capital Gains Tax if you are a Foreign Purchaser

Capital Gains tax how it affects you? How does the ATO Collect foreigners Capital Gains Tax? […]

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How to maximise the Australian government rebates in 2019

New Australian government rebates and offsets. How do I claim the government Rebates? Do I need […]

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7 Benefits of using a Tax Agent in Australia

Tax Time for most Australians is the toughest time of the end of the financial year. […]

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Tax Deadlines and How to Avoid Fines

Not lodged your tax yet? Prior year returns? If you haven’t lodged your 2018 tax return […]

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