Not lodged your tax yet?

Prior year returns?

If you haven’t lodged your 2018 tax return yet, you’re in trouble, if you are client that is not registered under a tax agent license you can be fined up for a $770 per year for non-lodgement of any tax return for any year.

Our advice is to avoid lodging these yourself, even if you can find an online program we always suggest be registered with a tax registered agent, and avoid dodgy our scam type agents that promise you the world, if you want to find out if your tax agent is registered with the Australian Tax Office please search here with tax agents practioners board.

Your tax agent can usually remit all fines and interest charges if you ever up for any of these fines, though be ready with a real life excuse, as the Australian Tax Office do not take excuses lightly.

If you have money owing to the tax office, the usual case is that you will be fined, and if the money is from a sale of property or shares, you are most definitely going to be fined, so let us help you with a capital gains tax checklist, please email us here 

We at Australia Wide Tax Solutions have a great lodgement statistics with the Australian Tax office and assist clients with these terrible times, we will make the experience as easy as possible and as streamlined as we can, please start here so you can obtain the tax checklist.

This tax checklist can start you off with preparing answers for us, we will have all the years lodge for you in 24 hours that is our promise to you if you have all the answers we need for a maximum refund.

Book an appointment here if you would like not to submit via email