What a daunting time of the year, tax time, personal taxes have a deadline and so do businesses who have taxes to lodge.

Tax Deadlines for Individuals in 2021 and 2022

For personal taxes: if you have a job and work for someone on a salary or wages, you are subject to a time restriction when lodging each years taxes. For you, you must lodge before 31 October 2021, however, this is if you have never or don’t have a tax agent linked to your TFN (Tax File Number).

If you have a tax agent and you use an accountant registered with the tax agent board (search here) if they are TAB registered accountants, then your personal taxes are dues on the 14 May 2022, the extension is always granted to accountants and their clients by the tax agent board.

Tax Deadlines for Businesses in 2021 and 2022

For business taxes: the same will apply regardless of the entity type, some larger corporations have further extensions please speak to your accountant. When you are lodging your GST and BAS statements you have one month or 28 days after the date the BAS, GST and PAYG is due. If you have more than one year’s tax return late the maximum fine for a personal tax return not lodged can be fined a maximum $770 per calendar year. As we specialize in the late lodgment of tax returns, our software goes back to 1999.

If you haven’t lodged since 1999 or any years between 1999 and 2022 we are here to assist you to lodge them all in one day with our simple process, please speak to us here, SMS us on 0488 854 200.