Seniors Tax Returns and Tax Advice

Seniors Card

There hasn’t been a better time to lodge your tax, because for a limited time we are offering anyone in possession of a seniors card NSW, a massive 50% off all our services (except filing of pension forms with Centrelink).

This includes any tax lodgements and BAS return; anything to do with tax and all our services a seniors discount is offered.

We understand that the cost of living is going up and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is ever increasing, but that doesn’t mean your outgoings should too, let us assist you lodge your tax the easier and less expensive way by offering all our senior card holders this massive 50% discount.

You need a Free Tax Checklist so you can submit your tax lodgements. The tax checklist will assist you collate all your items you need for tax. Click Here

You need a Rental Checklist to submit your rental property, please send us the rental property spreadsheet. Click Here

If you have recently sold a property and you owe Capital Gains Tax you need a capital gains tax schedule to assist in collecting your paperwork.

Age Pension and other Pensions

We at Australia Wide Tax Solutions have been helping the elderly for almost 10 years in submitting their pension forms, we also do house visits and we help you submit your forms in person with you at Centrelink.  When we file the pension forms we have a guarantee that you will receive at least 50c of pension income so you are eligible for all the necessary ancillary benefits that can come with the Age Pension for example receiving a health care card could be a cost saving if you take medicine long term, this health care card means you can buy your medicine for a flat fee of $6.40

Your public transport fee can be drastically reduced to a one time fee per day with a pensioner concession card, allowing you to travel to any part of a border within your state.

We charge a flat fee for all the work we do, we also have a guarantee that if you do not receive the age pension through us, we charge no fee. The seniors card does not qualify for this filling as it is not tax related, this is the only service we do not provide a 50% discount, you can read the terms and conditions on seniors card page

The below checklist of paperwork is provided for you, so you can collate prior to you booking an appointment, please ensure that this paperwork is readily available before our initial consultation because if it is not it will delay the process, please not that these days Centrelink is totally online and we require your Centrelink number, if you are unable to connect your account there is no issue we will do this all in-house, in this case we request that you come to the office as we will need to scan all the paperwork below.

Please fill your details here if you would like a call back and or you would like us to send you a checklist of all the items you need so you can attain the age pension.

Please note if you are currently earning income from paid work, this discount does not apply, this discount only applies for retirees who have investment and or passive income or income from centrelink pensions.

Do I need to lodge a tax return if I am over 60 years old?

If you have a tax file number, you are required by law to lodge a tax return in Australia.

If you earn $0, NIL, or $100 or more you will need to lodge a tax return, so the Australian Tax Office system shows that you have completed this task.

If I am on an Age Pension do I still need to lodge a tax return?

If you have tax taken out of the age pension payments it is in your best interest to lodge a tax return, so you receive a tax refund. If you have no tax taken out, and you have other streams of income, you will need to lodge a tax return.

If I am a self-funded retiree, do I still need to lodge a tax return?

Yes. You will need to declare all sources of income here and worldwide.

BAS Returns
Company Tax Returns
Individual Tax Returns
Tax Audit Insurance
Income Tax Return Checklist

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