Find your lost Superannuation

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We can find all your Superannuation accounts for you!

Every Superannuation Account ever opened in your name.

Find your Superannuation accounts in less than 24 Hours.

ONLY $99

Australia Wide Tax Solutions will find all your superannuation accounts since you started your first ever job, in less than 24 hours. Australia Wide Tax Solutions will have all your historical data and balances of all your superannuation accounts ever opened in your name, even if you worked for one day with an employer we will find it!

All we need is a few simple personal details and we will search for you in our comprehensive database. This is not just LOST Super which you can find yourself here


LOST SUPER is a search database that is available to those who have not updated there postal address to their super fund but be aware it is not all super accounts ever opened in your name. 

 Australia Wide Tax Solutions can find every super account ever opened in your name, you then consolidate all your superannuation accounts into the one account of your choice, avoid paying fees to each and every super account you have opened because by consolidating all your accounts, you save on all your fees.  Our comprehensive search will provide a spreadsheet for you with all the names of all your superannuation accounts and provide all the balances.

Did you know that if you have more than three superannuation accounts opened you could be paying over $500 a year in fees to the superannuation companies? Please fill out the form below to accept our terms and conditions, fill out the credit card details section or if you prefer to pay on invoice ( please note this option will have time delays). Once we find all your superannuation accounts ever created for you from your first ever job, our spreadsheet we provide you will enable you to make an informed decision about where you will make your money work for you, in less than 24 hours you will have your superannuation information about your accounts.

How does Finding your Superannuation accounts work?

Once we find your Superannuation accounts that have ever been opened for you in your name, we will provide them to you in a spreadsheet format, every account will have a balance even if it is Nil, all the information on the spreadsheet will allow you to fill all the rollover forms, please not you won’t need postage stamps to send to all your superannuation accounts as most super companies have reply paid addresses, once you fill out the details of the fund you will need to JP your Driver’s License or your proof of age card and have it certified and sent with all the documents, some super funds take from 4 – 8 weeks to move the funds to your desired Superannuation fund. This process is called Consolidating your Superannuation accounts, once you have consolidated your superannuation accounts, you may want to engage a financial planner to assist you to grow your fund or provide you with advise for future earnings via the super fund, if you have a SELF managed super fund, you can also transfer the funds to your Self-managed super fund for ease. We look forward to finding many more millions of dollars for our clients. Please use the link below to submit your details, if you have any questions please call us on here.

Terms and Conditions

You acknowledge that your details will be used in our search for your lost superannuation, we will not sell rent or provide your details to any third party for promotional purposes, we will have access to your tax information from signing up for your lost super search here with us, the maximum time we will take is 24 hours, between Monday 9am and Friday 6pm, Weekends are not counted towards the 24 hour time frame we have to search for your superannuation accounts? You do not have to use our tax services to use our LOST Super search capabilities.

Still have questions?


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Is Find my Super the same as Find my lost super?

No, Find my lost super only finds superannuation accounts that has unclaimed monies or super accounts that you have unintentionally lost.

If I consolidate all my superannuation will I save any fees?

If you consolidate more than two accounts to the one superannuation account you can save over $500 per year in fees, it all adds up.

What type of information do I need to consolidate all my super accounts?

You will need the fund name, its ABN, your member number and the Unique Superannuation identifier for each fund, so you can fill out a rollover form, you will also need a Justice of the peace stamp and verify your identity.

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