Terms & Conditions of using Australia Wide Tax Solutions Services

* Australia Wide Tax Solutions is providing me with tax advice, and assisting me in preparing my year tax return, I am under no obligation, to take or implement their advice. Australia Wide Tax Solutions has provided me with the best suitable advice for my circumstances for the financial year I am lodging a tax return for.
*I understand that I must have all receipts and invoices ready for preparation of a tax or any other government Audit.
*I hereby understand the rules of lodgement.
*I understand I cannot claim any deduction in relation to my employment or studies if I don’t have a valid tax invoice, containing an ABN and a Business Registered name.
*I understand and acknowledge that I must keep my records including any deductions and income, from the day I lodge my tax return and keep them for minimum period of five years.
*I understand that the Australian Tax Office may impose penalties and fines if I have lodged my tax return late or incomplete or incorrect, and apply general interest Charges on a daily basis, from date of last lodgement for any incorrect or deliberately false and misleading information processed by me, the income tax payer.
*I understand that I have the options of taking out Audit insurance to cover my accountant’s fees, including those of Australia Wide Tax Solutions, this insurance policy will cover my accountants fees if an individual for up to $10,000 in time and hours, following any investigation, or any other audit, sufficient evidence must be proved, in order to meet the deductions claimed for.
* I understand that if this tax invoice does not charge for Audit Insurance because I chose not to take out the insurance policy that I am not covered by Tax Audit insurance which covers my accountant’s fees in respect to a tax audit
*I acknowledge and understand, that I am a Resident and or Non Resident for Tax Purposes and understand the different rates of taxes.
*I understand that it is my responsibility as tax payer, that I must tell my accountant and Australia Wide Tax Solutions, everything about my current financial situation when it comes to income tax, I further understand that if I leave any information out of my tax return for my current financial and tax situation this may lead to an amendment of my tax return.
*I understand that I can amend my tax return within a two year period from date of lodgement, of up to 9 times, including any Australian Tax Office Amendments, if I haven't supplied Australia Wide Tax Solutions the correct information or if I have forgotten anything with my original tax return application.
*It is understood that fees will be payable and will apply to any amendment's actioned against any tax return that I amend in the future, after completion.
*I understand that fees are charged on a per hourly basis or a set rate fee, per schedule for any tax return completed by Australia Wide Tax Solutions.
*I understand that it is my responsibility to provide any new contact details to my accountant and any other government authority, when I move or change my address or contact details within 21 Twenty One Days of doing so.
*I acknowledge all the rules contained if I'm claiming any offsets within my tax return.
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation

*If you take out Tax Audit Insurance, you are covered from 01/07/20XX to 30/06/20XX, if you have purchased the tax audit insurance, the relevant date you have opted to enter the agreement, the tax invoice you pay will show the dates you are covered from, in the event you leave us as a client and we have no access to your file via the tax agent portal effective immediately the tax audit insurance becomes void. You will not be covered by such insurance or assurance for the audit your tax invoice represents. There is no refunds, and there is no pro rata amounts provided back to the client, you will pay the entire years fee regardless of time you chose to enter into the agreement.

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