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Backpacker and Travellers Tax Back Refunds - Australia

How Australian tax works for travellers

If you have worked in Australia, paid tax and been in the country or intend to be in the country six months or more then you could be worth a fortune in tax. The tax year runs from 1 July – 30 June and you can apply at the end of each tax year or during the tax year if you are permanently departing Australia. Don’t delay apply for your tax back refund today!

Benefits of our tax back service

  • No complicated forms

  • Authorised Tax Agent

  • No Refund, No Fee

Backpacker and Travellers Tax Back Refunds - Australia

Claim your Australian Tax Back now

We help backpackers, travellers & foreign students all over the country and world claim their Australian tax back. We ensure that every single on gets the maximum allowable tax back legally!

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