A Comprehensive Guide to Changing Your Name in Australia and with the ATO


Changing your name can be an important and meaningful process in your life. Whether it's due to marriage, divorce, personal preference, or any other reason, the process of changing your name in Australia can seem daunting at first. In this blog post, we will walk you through everything you need to know about changing your name in Australia. From the legal requirements to the practical steps involved, we will cover it all to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for you.

Changing your name in Australia is a legal process governed by specific regulations.

The key legal requirements include:

  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident.
  • You cannot change your name for fraudulent or illegal purposes.
  • Certain restrictions apply to names that are considered offensive or too long.

Section 2: Reasons for Changing Your Name

There are various reasons why someone may choose to change their name in Australia:

  • Marriage: Taking on a partner's surname or creating a new surname.
  • Divorce: Reverting to a previous name after divorce.
  • Personal Preference: Choosing a name that better reflects your gender identity or cultural heritage.
  • Professional Reasons: Changing your name for career or branding purposes.

Section 3: Steps to Change Your Name

Step 1: Obtain a 'Change of Name' Form

You can download the 'Change of Name' form from the Births, Deaths, and Marriages registry website in your state or territory. Typically these days you can do it at the RMS, please click here.

Step 2: Supporting Documentation

You may need to provide supporting documents such as your birth certificate, passport, and proof of residency. Have these ready before logging into the RMS.

Step 3: Complete the Form

Fill out the form with accurate information, including your current name, desired new name, reason for the change, and other required details.

Step 4: Lodge the Form

Submit the completed form and supporting documents to the Births, Deaths, and Marriages registry in your state or territory, Currently, the RMS takes on this function. There may be a processing fee involved.

Section 4: Updating Your Name on Official Documents

Once your name change is approved, you will need to update your name on various official documents, including:

Section 5: Informing Relevant Authorities and Institutions

It is important to inform relevant authorities and institutions about your name change, such as:

  • Employer
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Utility providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Schools and educational institutions

Section 6: Changing Your Name After Marriage

If you are changing your name after marriage, you can choose to take on your spouse's surname, hyphenate both surnames or create a new combined surname. The process may vary slightly depending on your state or territory.

Section 7: Changing Your Name After Divorce

If you are changing your name after divorce, you can revert to your previous surname or choose a completely new name. You will need to provide a copy of your divorce certificate as supporting documentation.

Section 8: Professional Name Changes

If you are changing your name for professional reasons, such as branding or career purposes, it is important to update your name on all relevant documents, including business licenses, professional memberships, and online profiles.

Section 9: Common Mistakes to Avoid

When changing your name in Australia, some common mistakes to avoid include:

  • Not updating your name on all official documents.
  • Not informing relevant authorities and institutions about your name change.
  • Not keeping copies of all documentation related to your name change.

Section 10: Final Thoughts

Changing your name in Australia is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and adherence to legal requirements. By following the steps outlined in this guide and staying organized throughout the process, you can successfully change your name and start this new chapter of your life with confidence.

By following this comprehensive guide, you will have all the information you need to navigate the process of changing your name in Australia effectively and efficiently. At AWTS, we can not assist with the change of name, and we are not allowed to change your name in our system, without it being changed with the ATO first, as the tax return we file for you will not be lodged electronically if names don't match.

Remember that changing your name is a personal choice, and it is important to take the time to consider all aspects before making a decision. Good luck on this exciting journey of self-discovery and reinvention!